Cyber Security Trends in 2019 and Prediction of 2020

Cyber Security Trends in 2019 and Prediction of 2020

We are living in a digital age and every kind of information is just a click away. Our data consumption is increasing like never before as virtual life over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the new flavor of our generations. Hence, all this put together has made us more and more vulnerable to different cybersecurity threats such as hacking and phishing. Hacking is an attempt either successful or unsuccessful, to gain access to someone else’s computer system, device or a private network inside a computer. One of the most prominent portals such as Review provides an option to search a hacker online and assign your job to a hacker of your choice.

Ethical hacking as the name suggests is not unlawful. It is the hacking that is done by following some ethics, hence the name. This type of hacking is also called white hacking and these hackers are sometimes called white hat hackers. On the other hand, we have something called unethical hacking; it is unlawful. The intent of unethical hacking is always malicious; to get through someone else’s computer system to steal some important information.

Some of the Trends in 2019 and Predictions of 2020 by Review

Data Breaches Are on The Rise and Will Continue to Grow

Data is the most important asset these days. The famous social networking giants, search engines and numerous apps have made us vulnerable to data breaches as most of them are monitoring our every activity. They figure out our behavioral patterns to target us accordingly. Hackerslist talks on the seriousness of the situation that can be understood from the fact that 71% of 1200 organizations agree at least one data breach in a year with 46% of them being new organizations. The year 2019 saw an increase in data breaches and the bad news is that this trend is likely to continue in 2020 as well. Hence, the online portals like Review are more likely to draw the attention of the clients.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is Playing Important Role

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have emerged as powerful tools to tackle the menace of cybercrimes as more and more cybersecurity experts like Hackerslist are relying on them with 87 % of the US cyber experts using artificial intelligence. Around 34% of cyber security professionals rely on machine learning rather than artificial intelligence.

Cyber Security Trends in 2019 and Prediction of 2020 1

Growing Demand for Ethical Hackers

In the year 2019, we have seen a rise in the data security breaches and the bad news is that the situation is not appearing to improve in the coming years also. Hence, there will be an increase in the demand of ethical hackers which will further result in mushrooming of ethical hacking institutes claiming to provide the best ethical hacking courses.

Conclusion:  According to, there are many cybersecurity trends likely to appear in the coming years while some of them will continue as it is. Some of the trends that are most likely to emerge in the year 2020 include the number of data breaches increasing, machine learning and artificial intelligence playing a greater role and ever-increasing demand of ethical hackers. Hence, the online portals like Review being user-friendly and solution-oriented are more likely to draw the attention of clients. 

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