Most Common Computer Threats And Ethical Hacking

You think while processing your transaction online and surfing non compliant websites that no one other than you are witnessing simply because you are using incognito or private mode can be easily ruled out because there is nothing that can be said to be safe on the web, especially with the advent of famous social media websites which works on automation and artificial intelligence and keeps on showing you ads according to your taste and interests and you just can’t help wondering how come they get to know you better as so much data breach is happening online and click baits are presents all over there.

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There are several threats to which systems and networks are vulnerable.

1)  Drive-by an attack

This type of threat simply comes into existence because a user visits the hacked website and a hacker can install malware into the computer of any user who visits the hacked website. This threat can be avoided by updating the anti-virus application on the computer

2)  Ransomware

 A ransomware attack restricts the person to access his data, who is threatened to delete the data if a ransom is not paid to the hacker.

 3) SQL injection:

The objective of this attack is to obtain data such as customer financial information and details by using malicious code for manipulating back-end information, and this type of attack is called SQL injection.

4) Distributed Denial- of- service( DDoS)

The objective of this attack is to get ransom from the victim as it is carried out by black hat hackers with the malicious intent to cripple the system to make it inaccessible to the different users by locking it and it can be avoided by taking the help of white hat hackers especially through visiting good websites such as Hackerslist.co Review.

5) Spear Phishing

It’s objective is to obtain trade secrets, unauthorized money transfers, and military information. It is an email spoofing attack towards a particular individual or specific organization seeking unauthorized access to sensitive data.

It’s messages appear to come from a trusted source. They usually appear to come from a well-known organization. Chances are high that the apparent source of the email must be an individual within the recipient’s own company- generally, someone holding a position of power

6)  Whale phishing:

 It is a spam email attack that targets only the top-level management such as CEO or CFO and it is done to get high-value money transfers from the victim by manipulating him/her. The word whale signifies the profile of the victim and the huge amount of transfer of the money involved in it. Companies spend billions of dollars to upgrade their software for being one step ahead of attackers.

Conclusion: There are numerous threats that the users are facing online because there is an ever increase in transactions and social networking such as a drive-by attack, ransomware, SQL injection, spear phishing, and whale fishing. They are playing an important part to make sure that corporations should not fall prey to it in particular and another type of threat in general. By taking the services of professional hackers from websites such as Hackerslist.co Review you can reduce the vulnerability of your system to be hacked.

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